The scientific studies on the St-Benoît spring

Since February 3rd, 2006, the spring’s characteristics are continuously measured :
  • Temperature,
  • Air and water pressure (to calculate the water level and thus the spring’s flow),
  • Electric conductivity (to know the water’s mineralization).


The pluviometry is controlled in four stations in the neighbourhoods of the spring :

  • Two meteorological stations : one from the city of Digne-les-Bains, another one from the A. David Neel College.

  • Two pluviometers : one near the spring, another one at the Andran summit.


The Venturi canal.
The spring has been equipped with :
  • A Venturi canal (to know the volume of water which runs out the spring),

  • Two probe measuring continuously the electric conductivity, the temperature                                                                                             and the air and water pressure (to calculate the water flow).

       Probe in the Venturi canal .

This data automatically acquired is regularly confirmed by manually measures :
  • Conductivity,
  • Temperature,
  • Water level in the Venturi canal.

Limnigraphic scale in the Venturi canal.

Data are regulary transfered to a computer.