The HydroVal educational actions

The sensitization of the public to the problems of water is a major objective of the HydroVal project.

Hydrogeologic studies from the « IUT Environment » of Digne-les-Bains
(18th October 2006)

The students of the Academic and technological Institute (IUT), specialized in environment, studied the first data recorded on the
St-Benoît spring and proposed a model on its working.

Stand for the "Week of Sustainable development" in Digne-les-Bains
(from 3th to 7th April 2007)

During the week of the sustainable development, the geological park presented the HydroVal project on an exposition stand.
The school ones and the general public were sensitized to the water protection and could discover the first information
on the
St-Benoît spring.

Educational workshop at the CEFEG about the St Benoît spring’s water  (9th May 2007)

The CEFEG is an organism from the teaching Academy, specialized in the formation in geology,
which forms teachers from “
Earth and life sciences” (SVT).
This workshop was about hydrogeology, based on the St Benoît spring’s example.

Water bar at the «Sciences Market»
(8th June 2007)

A “Science market” was organized in Digne-les-Bains with a water bar installed by the geological park. Several spring or drinkable waters were tasted, of which the St-Benoît spring water.

Animation about the water at the Jurassic celebrates
(8th July 2007)

All around the spring, in the park of the geological museum, an animation was organized with an aim of explain to the general public the formation of the tuffs, the deposit rock characteristic from the spring.


Sensitization campaign for the academics and the general public.

Permanent and itinerant exposition about the St-Benoît spring.

Participation of the students in the data processing.

Scientific conferences.

Update of the HydroVal website.