"Hydrogeologic studies and educational valorisation from the St-Benoît spring"

The purpose of the project is to valorise scientific studies (hydrogeology) through a generalization campaign (expositions, animations…).

This project results from the collaboration between the University of Provence and the “Réserve Géologique de Haute-Provence” (the Natural geological park from Haute-Provence).

The project’s goal is to answer these questions :

  • Where does the spring water come from ?

  • How much time does it take the rain water, infiltrated in altitude, to arrive to the spring ?

  • Is the water’s quality stable in time ?

  • How are the characteristically calcareous travertines (tuffs) from this spring formed ?

The University of Provence answers to these questions with hydrogeologic studies. The geological park is in charge of the scientific generalization in order to valorise the spring in the eyes of the public.

On a
global scale, the water is a major socio-economic stake, for the current population as well as for the future generations.
The St-Benoît spring and its
aquifer is a good site to illustrate the water cycle in general.

The HydroVal project's objective is to
generates an awakening about the importance of the water in our world and the emergency to protect the water resources.